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  • kunalb 02.25 on 10/09/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    This blog is now closed — the new home for ep related stuff is

  • kunalb 00.08 on 07/07/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Minor changes to BPCP, to not appear broken with WP3.2. NOTE: Full screen front end editing not supported atm.

  • kunalb 01.18 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    And BuddyPress Custom Posts is now on github. Up next: porting issues and deciding priorities.

    • DOgi 01.30 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Please, write “Events for groups” 🙂

    • rob 22.43 on 18/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      please help im at version , avatars show up, adding a featured from admin function doesnt work, add featured image from a user set as event manager gives media permissions,

      SUggestion: send me code for a field “TN URL” we put the url and the code uses that if no URL it uses a default one


      • rob 23.24 on 18/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

        for now i modified the tabs.php to set my own default image for all events

  • kunalb 00.36 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Done with EP->Github thanks to Boone’s writeup. Now to do it for BPCP.

    • DOgi 00.41 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Will you add some new features soon?

      • kunalb 00.45 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Hopefully. Otherwise all this effort is more or less pointless!

  • kunalb 00.00 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Working on migrating EventPress to GitHub. Turning out a bit harder than I expected.

    • DOgi 00.09 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      It’s worth do fight 😉

  • kunalb 21.32 on 03/05/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Will be restarting serious dev work from 10th May. Stay tuned :).

    • DOgi 21.52 on 03/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Great news 🙂 Please don’t forget about making events connected with groups 🙂

    • Kendrick 00.47 on 10/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      This is awesome news! Thanks so much for investing your time!

  • kunalb 02.29 on 17/04/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Next—will take a look at how child theme paths are getting resolved. But later, too sleepy now.

    • Neil 20.40 on 20/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Hi, I’d like to know how to get an event I’ve created to show up on a page within wordpress? Buddypress is also installed. I thought it was as easy as dropping [EventPress] in the page content? Am I missing something? Thanks.

      • kunalb 20.46 on 20/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

        The event created will automatically be given a URL along the lines of [/events/].

  • kunalb 02.05 on 17/04/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    And resolved the calendar widget bug. All it took was a `= ”`

    • nosy 19.40 on 19/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

      yeah… that’s it. thx 🙂 – is it possible to show the date in the widget?

      • kunalb 19.49 on 19/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

        You’ll have to edit eventpress/views/wp-widgets.php

        • nosy 20.31 on 19/04/2011 Permalink

          Yes, there I am just looking and I’m too stupid…^^

        • nosy 20.34 on 19/04/2011 Permalink

          It is this part:

          echo “”;
          while( have_posts() ) {
          echo “” . $post->post_title . ““;
          echo “” . get_the_excerpt() . “”;
          echo “”;

          and I don’t know what to do. :)))

        • kunalb 20.39 on 19/04/2011 Permalink

          Depends—that code is in the widget for listing upcoming events. Do you want to show the date in the calendar widget or the list of upcoming events widget?

          For the calendar widget, you’ll have to add in the change I made here: to get it to work. After that, you can add in the date in the widget title above the call to ep_calendar() (line 89 in wp-widgets.php).

        • nosy 20.41 on 19/04/2011 Permalink

          only using the list of upcoming events widget 😉

        • nosy 22.20 on 19/04/2011 Permalink

          ok, I have it =)

          before line 45
          echo “” . $post->post_title . ““;



          Now I want to sort the list by date…

          By the way there was a upcoming events widget bug, too. You solved the problem with the others. 😉

  • kunalb 01.43 on 17/04/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Resolving minor bugs in EventPress—might have solved the text-domain problem thanks to gambare!

    • George 20.51 on 28/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

      1) Calendar doesn’t show weekends.
      2) No way out of Add Thumbnail window. Result – can’t add thumbnail.

      This would be I think the best event manager available for Buddypress, but for one minor function:

      The Events Manager Extended for WordPress creates a more dynamic calendar that connects marked events to their event page, and also installs itself on the calendar page. This would be a sweet feature to emulate, as that plugin does not allow user functionality like Eventpress does.

      3) Calendar doesn’t allow you to click on the event to take you to the page.

    • kunalb 21.51 on 28/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

      1) Styling Issues, actually. I change the class and stuff, but haven’t changed the styles yet.
      2) Is there any javascript error happening? Clicking anywhere outside the thumbnail window should remove it.
      3) This ‘should’ be working—as in, only the text part will be clickable, but the calendar does link to you there.

      • kunalb 21.52 on 28/04/2011 Permalink | Reply

        Also, I’m kind of aiming at a really good calendar for the next major version of EP with loads more functionality. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t have a really solid timeline yet.

        • George 19.55 on 11/05/2011 Permalink

          Thanks! Also I have a problem deactivating the plug in. I get an error screen.
          Do you know how to resolve this?

    • kunalb 20.34 on 11/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Yeah—just make this change. There was a line of code I accidentally left in there.

    • George 19.38 on 13/05/2011 Permalink | Reply

      Sorry – which line of code?

  • kunalb 18.38 on 03/04/2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Also, forgot to post here. is out.

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